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Clearwater Divorce Attorney

Confusion. Hurt. Anger. Many emotions can accompany a divorce and dealing with those emotions while trying to navigate the legal process of divorce can be difficult without help from an experienced Clearwater divorce attorney. At the Law Offices of Gale H. Moore, P.A., we can help you accomplish your goals and protect your rights, while attempting to resolve any disputes in a productive and peaceful manner.

If you need assistance with a contested or uncontested divorce matter, contact our Florida law office. We will guide you through the divorce process.

Compassionate Service for the Florida Divorce Process

As a family law attorney with more than 17 years of legal experience, Gale Moore has handled many contested and uncontested divorces in Largo and Pinellas County. She has also handled many high net worth divorces involving the division of complex assets and property.

Our firm recognizes that many other issues can arise during a divorce, including:

  • Child support payments
  • Time sharing, child custody and shared parental responsibility
  • Alimony or spousal support
  • Equitable division of assets and debts
  • Allocation and payment of attorney’s fees and costs
  • Temporary housing issues

These issues are not always easy to resolve or understand. It is our job to provide honest answers and advice, while guiding clients through the process with compassion.

Skilled Representation for Marital Law in High-Asset Divorce Matters

When clients come into our office, they frequently have many questions about the process of divorce and what they can expect to see or deal with during the process. These questions include:

  • How long will the process take?
  • How much is the process going to cost?
  • What property will I lose and what could I have to pay in support?

The answers to these questions will vary, depending on the circumstances of the divorce and how willing the parties are to cooperate. Our firm will be clear about what our clients’ expectations should be and will try to take the uncertainty out of the process.

Avoid Disputes Over Issues in Your Divorce

Attorney Gale Moore is also experienced at mediation a form of alternative dispute resolution that can help those who wish to avoid the courtroom come to amicable resolutions. By resolving a divorce prior to trial, parties can save a great deal of time, money and stress.

Gale Moore is also a seasoned litigator, having tried many family law matters and numerous criminal jury trials. Therefore, if need be, we are certainly ready to zealously represent you in court as well. Contact our firm to schedule an initial consultation and get honest answers about your situation. Call for an appointment at our Largo office at 727-584-2528.

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