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Clearwater Child Support & Custody Modification Attorney

Changing Support and Custody Agreements After a Divorce

If your circumstances have changed and you need to modify the custody or support order from your divorce — or if your ex-spouse wishes to modify the order — it is important to understand your rights under the law. Modifications must occur due to a substantial life event such as the loss of a job or relocation out of state. Unless an agreement between the parties is reached first, a modification petition must be filed with the court and then a judge will decide.

Whether you are seeking a modification or you wish to dispute a modification request, we can provide the assistance you need. At the Law Offices of Gale H. Moore, P.A., in Largo, Florida, we can represent either party in the modification of child support, alimony or child custody orders. Largo modification lawyer Gale Moore will gather the documentation needed, examine the best interests of the children involved and advocate for your goals in court.

Reasons for Modifications of Divorce Orders

Modifications to visitation rights, time-sharing agreements, parenting plans and other arrangements are granted only if there has been a substantial, material, permanent change in circumstances that will merit such a change. Given the recent economic downturn, we are seeing more and more cases of people seeking modifications based on new facts like:

  • Loss of a job
  • Decreased salary and the inability to pay child or spousal support
  • Relocation/move away to a new job out of state
  • Remarriage or a new supportive relationship
  • Needs of the children have changed
  • Medical issues
  • Loss of health insurance or significantly increased costs of health insurance

As with most family law matters, the circumstances of the case play a large part in the decision that will be made about the potential child support modifications or alimony modifications. Ensuring that you select a family law attorney who can accurately represent your case is important.

The modification process can often be more contentious than the original divorce. Experienced Florida family law attorney Gale Moore is ready to guide you through the process and protect your rights.

Contact a Safety Harbor Custody Modifications Lawyer

To learn more about making modifications to custody or support orders and get the experienced representation you deserve, call 727-584-2528. You can also contact our law firm online.

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