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The Three Most Common Contributing Factors to Divorce


The National Library of Medicine found that 90 percent of divorce couples surveyed reported at least one (and often multiple) of the following issues as a key contributing factor to their divorce:

  1. Lack of Commitment
  2. Marital Infidelity
  3. Persistent Conflict/Arguing

Within this article, our Clearwater divorce attorney provides a more detailed overview of the three most common contributing factors to divorce.

  1. Lack of Commitment 

Lack of commitment is often cited as one of the primary reasons for divorce. In fact, some studies have shown that nearly 50 percent of divorcing couples cite this as the single main reason why their marriage broke down. When one or both partners are not fully committed to the marriage, it sets a foundation for numerous marital issues. Commitment in marriage encompasses more than just staying together. Couples must actively work to maintain the relationship. A lack of commitment may manifest as a reluctance to spend time together, invest in each other’s personal growth, or support each other during challenging times. 

  1. Marital Infidelity 

Marital infidelity is a significant (often devastating_ factor that can lead to divorce. It breaches the trust upon which a marriage is built and can inflict deep emotional pain on the betrayed partner. Infidelity encompasses any form of emotional or physical relationship that violates the agreed-upon boundaries of exclusivity in the marriage. The aftermath of infidelity often involves feelings of betrayal, guilt, anger, and resentment. Recovery and rebuilding trust can be extremely challenging. Notably, cheating may be both a cause and a symptom of a marital breakdown. 

  1. Persistent Conflict/Arguing 

Persistent conflict and constant arguing in a marriage can erode the relationship over time, often resulting in divorce. It often involves ongoing disagreements and conflicts that are not effectively resolved—leading to a cycle of resentment and hostility. Notably, frequent arguing can stem from differences in communication styles, conflicting values, or unresolved issues within the relationship. When couples engage in continuous conflict without resolution, there are often deep problems.

You Do Not Need a Specific “Reason” to Be Eligible for a Divorce in Florida 

Florida is a no-fault divorce state (Florida Statutes § 61.052). You and your spouse have the right to end your marriage on the grounds that it is irretrievably broken. The reality is that many people end up filing for divorce for a wide range of different reasons. With an uncontested, no-fault divorce, the actual reasons why your marriage ended do not have to be part of your divorce case. Instead, the process can focus on more practical issues, such as property division, alimony, and child custody.

 Get Help From Our Divorce Lawyer in Pinellas County Today

At the Law Office of Gale H. Moore P.A., our Florida divorce attorney is a compassionate, future-focused advocate for clients. We are committed to helping people set themselves up for a better future after a divorce. Contact our family law team today for a fully confidential initial case review. Our firm provides divorce services throughout all of Pinellas County.



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