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Mediation – Putting the Pieces Back Together

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution tool that allows couples to handle their legal matters outside of the courtroom. With mediation, you and your partner come to an agreement, rather than having a judge decide the details of what will happen with your lives. Mediated agreements are usually more beneficial to each party and more likely to be followed.

If you are looking to resolve your divorce outside of the courtroom, we can assist you. Contact the Law Offices of Gale H. Moore, P.A., in Largo, Florida, to speak with us about mediating your case. Mediator Gale Moore will work to resolve the conflicts between you and your partner so that you and your family can move forward with your lives.

Clearwater, Florida, Family Law Mediator

If we serve as your mediator, we will work in a neutral and unbiased way to help you and your spouse negotiate a resolution in a way that is most likely to find practical solutions and open the door to continued healthy, productive communication. In this process both parties sit down and try to resolve their case, with or without their own attorneys. Generally, we find it most helpful to keep the parties in separate rooms during this process so that the emotional aspects of the situation are reduced.

Mediator Gale Moore travels between the two parties forwarding ideas and suggestions. If a resolution of some or all issues is reached regarding child custody, support or other family law issue, Ms. Moore can draft a written proposal to document the agreement.

Mediating Cases Throughout the Largo Area

Our law firm is able to be your mediator regardless of whether you have started your divorce suit or not. Sometimes, the mediator will offer suggestions or suggest the parties explore how certain points of the law may apply to their facts. The mediator will also work to keep the discussions peaceful and results-oriented.

As a mediator, our law firm doesn’t represent either party. We are the facilitator or neutral third party, not an advocate like in a contested divorce. Our goal is to help people find a way to settle their issues and move forward knowing their rights and responsibilities are protected.

Contact us at the Law Offices of Gale H. Moore to learn more about the mediation or collaborative law process. Call to schedule an initial consultation at our Largo office at 727-584-2528.

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